The Market Returns To Normal

Good Day:

There is a lot happening in the real estate marketplace.

First you have to ignore all of the media types breathlessly reporting how badly Ottawa did last month.

We are not Toronto and while the volume of sales was down compared to July 2021 you must keep in mind that June and July last year were exceptionally active before the market slowed until sometime in September.

Different towns have different results as you will see in the videos. Some are doing quite well and for the most part we are not seeing the average price shift much.

Essentially all this means is that we have returned to a normal market, Bidding wars are gone.The good news is that well priced homes always sell, but you have to do your homework so that your expectations are logical, and you have to have a good agent.

Check out what I am saying. A link to our market statistics page is found HERE.

We also post these videos and other information on our Facebook pages “Beardsley Real Estate Team” and “Ottawa Country Homes and Lifestyles”. Please “LIKE” and follow those pages.

If you have questions, we have answers, just call or text us at 613-897-6839.

Take care and stay safe


Author: keithbeardsley9041

The Beardsley Team: A dynamic real estate team serving the many rural communities around Ottawa and helping Seniors with their real estate needs throughout the Ottawa region. Certified "Seniors Real Estate Specialists". Trusted real estate advisors with over 26 years of combined experience. How can we help you today? Call or text 613-897-6839.

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